A while ago I went to the Amsterdamse Bos to photograph an Harpist. It was one of the most amazing assignments that I had! Not only Victoria Davies is an excelent player but also an super-lovely person. See here facebook page here.
It was one quiet early-autumn afternoon in Amsterdam. It has reained before, so the trees and grass were vivid (and moist). When we got in the forest, there was a lovely sunshine. All perfect for a great session.
When we got into the location chosen by her and she unpacked the harp, I knew that it would be one-in-a-life experience. I've never seen a harp in person before. It's an absolutely amazing instrument. People stopped walking and were waiting for her to play.
And then she started. It was like being in another dimension. All the scenery, the music, the sun coming through the leaves. I felt I was in a happy-end of a fairy tale. I had to photograph her but, honestly, all I wanted was to hear that music...

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