Dani Teston

Commercial/Food photographer

I am passionate about bringing value to the client’s business by making their products stand out. I do this by bringing to my food/commercial photography years of experience in the several photography fields that I worked before, like weddings and portrait, to name few.

For me, food/commercial photography is not just “snap or take a picture”. It’s a whole process of making an piece of art: I have to understand the client’s needs, the problem that they want to solve and plan the session by putting all the pieces together: what is the best light, props, places. I love to take my time to make a picture that will match the client’s needs and their branding.

As a photography background, I had the first formal training in 2007. After that, I did a few more courses and, while in Ireland, I was part of the Cork Camera Group, a high-skilled photography group in Cork. While in there, I made from the beginners group (everyone that’s new in the group enters in this level) to the advanced one in less than 2 years, by winning several internal competitions in all levels.

What’s behind the name

Fotaria isn’t actually an existing word. The meaning is “a place that creates photos”. It’s an analogy for Pizzaria, “a place that creates pizza”. 🙂


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Want to chat?

Do you have any questions or are still not sure if I can help you? Or simply want to have a coffee?

Let’s have a chat. Send an e-mail to info@fotariabydani.com and I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions

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