A long time ago, I've decided to adventure in the world of writing and photographing (or was the other way around?). But the universe had other plans instead: I got a new job, had a baby, moved a few times: house, city, country - you name it.
During this time, the photos were pilling up and getting hidden from the world. The writing dream was left at a side. After the last move, the urge of writing became more intense. But I still didn't know about what to write and how to combine my two passions. I didn't want another travel or local blog - I don't travel that much and there's plenty of good local blogs here in Netherlands.
One day, I was there, trying to convince my son to sleep, and in the middle of a nursery song, all became clear. I should write about what I like most: photography. Many of my friends asks me how to photograph this or that, how to use the camera, to control the light, then why not write about that?
This is how Fotaria by Dani was born. Here, along with the tips, how to's and behind the scenes, you are going to see a lot of products, macros and abstract photography. Landscapes, nature and people will have their place too. And, of course, my favorite, flowers in all shapes, colors and perfums. From the tiniest detail to the whole tree.

And as a taste, I've added a closeup shot of a lavender flower. The current blooming flower in the Netherlands. Camera settings: Canon 6D, ISO 125, 85mm, f/3.2, 1/320 sec

Hope you enjoy it!

Fotaria by Dani

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